Thats the place where I get my haircut. Also the idea for this Biketour was born there, thanks Sabine. Coiffure Schiffloube

If you have mechanical problems.. Ask Konstruktiv-Buerki

Aarios in Grezenbach, Switzerland. This company produce Handmade Bikes. Aarios

The place were I work now Embedded-Bonjour

The coolest map app for smartphones MapOut Thanks Stele for this super app that allows me to track my ride and keep me on the right way

GPX viewer: the easisest way to puplish GPX datas in a browser GPX viewer

Inalp Networks, the pioneer for ISDN VoIP Gateways. This is the company where I have worked for the past 7 years. Thanks for the 4 month break. Inalp Networks

Here you can see what some countries mean when they are talking about freedom. Would you like to have your children there? Without any rights? Without any advocate? Without knowing why they are at this heinously place? Of course you as parents wan't that. Please take the actions in your country to get ride off this places and the government's that are responsible for that.